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General Education

The University of Mount Union prides itself on providing students with an education grounded in the liberal arts. Students in nearly every academic discipline are required to complete a major and minor along with additional general education courses to graduate. The general education components are designed around the mission of the University: “to prepare students for fulfilling lives, meaningful work, and responsible citizenship.” The main components of the University’s general education program comprises of the Integrative Core, a Raider Foundations Portfolio (RFP), and proficiencies in mathematics and a foreign language

The Integrative Core (IC) introduces students to college-level academic work and gradually integrates more sophisticated and challenging ideas drawn from diverse perspectives. The IC is comprises eight courses that students complete over the course of their Mount Union career. Students will need to complete a First Year Seminar (FYS), four Foundation courses, two Explorations courses, and a Capstone seminar.


The University’s RFP is completed in the second year as an undergraduate. As a student of Mount Union, you will upload samples of your written work and videos of oral communication assignments to an electronic portfolio. A team of faculty members evaluate your portfolio to ensure that you have met the standards needed for your junior and senior years. The RFP helps students develop skills needed to further their academic study, as well as prepare them for their professional future.


Additionally, the general education at Mount Union additionally requires students to complete a certain amount of credit hours in both mathematics and a foreign language to graduate.